Share all of life’s little surprises on the big screen
With Skype on TV it’s as if you’re all in the same room. Wide-angle views mean you can share the big picture—and the whole story.  
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Why Skype on TV?
Because you can create and share memories right from your living room, even when you’re apart. And that wide-angle view means everyone—family pet included—can see and be seen on the big screen. So there’s no more huddling ‘round the computer or missing an out-of-shot moment.
How do you set up and use Skype on your TV? Check out how simple it can be—and the big difference it can make.
See how you can make memories from your living room with Skype on TV. And enjoy the moment as if everyone is right there with you, whenever you're apart.
More about Skype on TV

What’s different about Skype on TV?

With Skype on TV, you can make memories right from your living room. And wide-angle, HD views mean parents, siblings, friends and family pets—everyone you love—can see and be seen without squeezing ‘round the computer’.
So whether you’re relishing life’s everyday moments or celebrating milestone events, you can share the experience
with people you care about most—even when you’re apart.

What can I do with Skype on my TV, specifically?

Here’s the breakdown . . .

Can I call landlines and mobile phones?

Yep. You can use Skype on your TV to call pretty much anyone (virtually anywhere) who uses a landline or mobile phone—so long as you’ve got Skype Credits. (Which, as mentioned above, you can buy via your computer,
phone or tablet.)

Where can I learn more about Skype on TV?

You can check out the Skype on TV page, visit the Skype Shop and follow the Skype blog.

What kind of equipment do I need to use Skype on my TV?

You basically only need three things:

Click here to see which Smart TV models are Skype enabled

I’ve got a Skype-enabled TV but no TV camera. Do I really need a TV camera—even for voice calls?

Yeah, you’ll need a TV camera to make voice calls because TVs don’t have built-in microphones or support the use of headsets and microphones.

Can I use my TV camera on my computer?

No, TV cameras (unlike webcams) aren’t compatible with computers—yet. Skype is working with TV manufacturers to make this happen, though.

What if I don’t have a Skype-enabled smart TV? Can I get Skype to work on the TV I have now?

Yep, and you have options: either choose an all-in-one TV camera (everything you need is in the camera), or you can get Skype on your TV with a Blu-ray player and TV camera. Whatever your preference, you’ll find it at the Skype Shop.

OK, I’ve got all my equipment—a Skype-enabled TV and TV cam. What now?

First, make sure your TV is connected to the internet. Got built-in wifi? That makes it super easy, but it’s only one extra step if you have a wired Ethernet connection or wifi dongle. (This stuff should be explained in your TV manual.) Once you’re connected, you can use Skype.

Will Skype show up automatically?

Your Skype-enabled TV might already have Skype built-in—and showing up on your list of apps. If not, you can easily download your free Skype app from the TV app menu.

Super. Now, how do I sign-in to Skype on my TV?

You’ll need to have a Skype ID and password, which you can create at (The Microsoft sign-on doesn’t work with TVs just yet.) Use your Microsoft account (email) to sign-in to Skype? No worries, you can get the Skype ID and password that’s linked to your Microsoft account—find more info here.

So, what happens if I’m watching TV, or the TV is off when someone calls me?

Good question. Some TV models let you watch TV while a Skype call—an alert will pop up to let you know someone is calling. If your TV is off, your Skype status is automatically changed to “Offline,” which means you can’t receive calls. But you’ve got call forwarding and voicemail options (just set them up on your computer in advance—and make sure you have Skype Credit or a subscription).